About the ISE

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The Inayan School of Eskrima (ISE) has a rich history and is proud to be the longest running Inayan Eskrima institution in the world.

Masirib Guro James Earles, Lahong Guro Brad Hill and Guro Bill Taylor Teach the students of the ISE under the direction of Pangulong Tagaturo Klement; one of the foremost authorities on the art of Inayan Eskrima.

We are a “Members Only” establishment that focuses solely on the advancement of the Art within our Student body. 

We welcome anyone to apply for Membership that has a sincere interest in learning the Filipino Martial Arts and the history and traditions of Inayan Eskrima. If you know an existing Member, you may also request a referral. Find the Application on the Contact Page. 

Please review the pages under the About drop down menu for detailed information about Inayan Eskrima and the program we have at the Inayan School of Eskrima.