Steve Klement


Instructor:  Mangisursuro Mike Inay
Training Start Date:  December, 1983
Pangulong Tagaturo (Founder of the ISE)


Pangulong Tagaturo Steve Klement is the Chief Instructor and Founder of his school - The Inayan School of Eskrima in Knoxville, TN. 

Mr. Klement began his life-long relationship with Inayan Eskrima in 1983 when he met his future mentor and Founder of Inayan Eskrima, Mangisursuro Mike Inay. Since that time he has been actively involved with learning, perfecting, and teaching the art of Inayan Eskrima. Mr. Klement was awarded Inayan Eskrima’s highest rank of Masirib Guro in 2000 and, since the passing of Suro Mike Inay, has taken the title of Tagaturo. Mr. Klement has traveled extensively across the United States and Europe teaching Inayan Eskrima and frequently welcomes and teaches visiting students from around the world. 

Steve is a proud Veteran of the United States Navy where he was a member of the USS Nimitz SAF (Ships Augmentation Force) and was part of the PRP program. He is currently a Sergeant with the Knox County Sheriff’s Department. He has been an active member of the Law Enforcement community for over thirteen years. His Military and Law Enforcement service adds the benefit of many years of real-world experience to his teaching of Inayan Eskrima. Mr. Klement is a certified trainer for several Law Enforcement courses involving subject control as well as baton and edged weapon defense and is frequently called on by his department to conduct training for new Corrections Academy classes as well as yearly departmental in-service training.

Steve enjoys teaching a diverse range of Students in both group and private lesson settings including other Martial Art Instructors, Hollywood Stunt artist, Military specialist and Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement. 

Mr. Klement has received extensive training in Executive/Close Personal Protection and Tactical Firearms. His firearm training includes Tactical Pistol and Advanced Tactical Pistol, Dynamic Pistol Gunfighting and Tactical Rifle. Mr. Klement is certified as a Tactical Pistol Instructor. For Mr. Klement, firearms are an integral part of Inayan Eskrima and, in keeping with Mangisursuro Mike Inay’s vision and wishes for the future of Inayan Eskrima, has implemented firearms training into the Inayan curriculum. 

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