James Earles, Jr. 


Instructor:  Tagaturo Steve Klement
Training Start Date:  March, 1999
Masirib Guro

Email:  earles@inayan.com

Mr. Earles started training in Inayan Eskrima in 1999 when Katalungan Guro Paul Sanders (1974-2005) introduced him to Tagaturo Steve Klement and the Inayan School of Eskrima. 

Mr. Earles received the rank of Katalungan Guro (Assistant Instructor) on November 19th, 2005. Mr. Earles is the fourth ISE Member to be awarded this rank by Tagaturo Steve Klement.

After serious study of the art for over twelve years, Mr. Earles was promoted to full Instructor (Inayan Guro) on April 22nd, 2011. 

On November 5th, 2016, Mr. Earles current title of Masirib Guro (Inayan Elder / Expert Teacher) was awarded and it is most fitting. Mr. Earles has been honing his craft for 17 years and strives to be better every day. The fire and momentum he brings to the training floor is contagious and the Student Body of the ISE does their best to keep up!

James is the Lead Instructor of the ISE and handles the day to day operations and manages all apsects of the School under the guidance of Tagaturo Klement. Besides teaching regularly scheduled Formal classes, James is also Captain of the ISE's Full Contact Team, has assisted in teaching seminars with Tagaturo Klement (in TN, CA, WI, NV and PA) and has been instrumental in curriculum development and program direction for the School as well. James is Instructor Certified in several specialty programs such as edged weapon defense (Reactive Knife Defense) and subject control (Pressure Sensitive Nerve Areas) for Civilians and Law Enforcement alike.

Currently Masirib Guro Earles continues to practice and teach at the Inayan School of Eskrima under the direction of Tagaturo Steve Klement and is responsible for, and in charge of, the day to day operations of the ISE. 

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